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This unique South African sea salt is a revelation, with its distinct mineral taste and a roundness of flavour. When tasted, the crystals slightly prick the tongue and then dissolve, leaving a flavour nearly as sweet as it is salty – a mysterious and marvellous sensation.
Sea Salt has become the newest weapon in the ever-shifting gourmet-chic wars. It is an essential ingredient used by our most informed and well known chefs, dusted over a dish at the last minute so that the diner will have the pleasure of the slight crackle and then the delicious melting.

Khoisan Sea Salt is completely pure and natural. The higher calcium content is responsible for a distinctive taste, hence our slogan:


“Once tasted, never forgotten”.

Unlike Industrial Salt, Khoisan Sea Salt does not contain artificial chemicals nor any anti-caking agents as our salts have a natural low moisture absorption.

Our pristine 400-year old brine is pumped from an underground seawater lake (aquifer) and due to siphoning through shell beds, Khoisan’s salt is higher in calcium content and lower in sodium.




For the salt connoisseur there is no question that hand-harvested salt is a superior salt.


Khoisan's Natural Sea Salts are available in different varieties namely:

Fine, Coarse, Pearls, Flakes and Fine Flakes.


All these varieties are traditionally harvested by hand at the Velddrif Salt Works which are dried and packaged directly from the pans, with its mineral content intact.






In addition to the Natural Sea Salt range Khoisan also produces a range of flavoured Sea Salts, fragranced coarse bath salts and distributes sea salt in bulk to the wholesale trade for repackaging.
Khoisan also offers a by-product, namely Gold Dust, which is made from Gypsum and is a registered organic fertiliser that is sold to nurseries as nutrition for sandy and clay soils.


Body Cleanse Bath Crystals Natural sea salt, in a blue shade, to assist in detoxifying, cleansing and sanitising cuts and injuries. It is excellent for purifying and softening the bathwater and especially ideal for use by children, with their cuts, bruises
Body Scrub Fine Natural Sea Salt with fynbos, seaweed and petals which helps cleanse the skin and stimulates circulation when applied in gentle circular motions to wet skin. Add your own body lotion or oil to this range, mix into a paste and you have a superb exfoliator

KHOISAN’S SEA SALT BATH CRYSTALS Khoisan has a wide range of Sea Salt bath crystals to suit your needs. As you soak in a bath of KHOISAN’S SEA SALT CRYSTALS, these not only soften the water, but ease away any aches or infection while stimulating and detoxifying the skin.
Khoisan’s Bath crystals, with their high level of minerals and vitamins, can be absorbed by the skin in much the same way as aromatherapy oils. The addition of essential oils to some ranges adds to the powerful effect of these sea salt crystals.
Energise Bath Crystals Natural Sea Salt, in a light yellow shade, with added essential oils to help stimulate and invigorate the body.
Serenity Bath Crystals Plain Natural Sea Salt with Lavender essential oil, Lavender leaves and flowers which assist in alleviating physical stress and tension.

Khoisan Trading recognizes the health benefits provided by seaweed and uses it as a key ingredient in its unique and popular edible Seaweed Sea Salt product. Our sea salt bath crystals also contain traces of seaweed, and it has been added to our gypsum by-product, Gold Dust, a 100% organically certified fertiliser.
Seaweed has an impressive nutritional profile and its properties offer benefits to the healthy function of the endocrine and nervous systems. It contains iodine which acts on the thyroid to regulate metabolism and assists in improving circulation and eliminating toxins.
Seaweed is virtually fat-free, low in calories, rich in essential minerals, vitamins, protein and contains important trace elements that are often lacking in land vegetables due to soil demineralisation.
Although there are many different varieties of seaweed, Khoisan Trading harvests 'Nori' (Porphyra Capensis), on the West Coast of South Africa. Versatile and easy to prepare, Nori is rich in protein, vitamins A, B and C and contains an abundance of nutrients, most notably calcium and iron. The seaweed, Nori, is also widely utilised in sheet form for sashimi and sushi dishes. When in flake form, it can be used as a garnish or as seasoning with sea salt in numerous rice and salad dishes.

(The following information was sourced via: Dr. Tanaka at McGill University, Montreal, Canada: “Seaweeds are so nutritious due to the ideal growing conditions of the world's oceans. Living in a marine environment, seaweeds have ready access to the abundance of natural nutrients found in the ocean. Scientists have discovered that seaweeds have antibiotic and anti-tumour properties. They have also been found to reduce blood pressure and serum cholesterol. Their most important ability is to cleanse the body of toxins. This powerful cleansing action is linked to a substance called alginic acid, thus lowering the body's burden.”


Gardener’s Gold Dust

  Although the value of gypsum as a soil additive has been recognised for      decades, each year field tests around the world reveal more and more of the  benefits of gypsum.Gypsum is one of those rare materials in that it amends  soil alkalinity, equalizes pH levels, and leaches out harmful salts. Gypsum  conditions and improves soil structure allowing air and water penetration and  root development. Gypsum nourishes the plant with high grade calcium and  protects it with sulphur.
 In addition to its sea-salts Khoisan produces a gypsum by-product,  Gardener’s Gold Dust, an organically certified fertilizer which contains  seaweed flakes, that is sold to nurseries in 5kg and 25kg bags. Suitable for  use in all soils from clay to sandy, from alkaline to acid, Khoisan’s Gardener’s  Gold Dust is the best organic soil conditioner that restores soil to optimum  health, is weed-free, does not burn roots or leaves, and provides the  following properties:
 An efficient source of calcium readily available to plants requirements. Gardener’s Gold Dusts’ nutrients assist in the development of strong stems, terminal buds and roots thereby promoting the uptake of all other trace elements in the soil, including the added seaweed flakes.
Gardener’s Gold Dust maximises the potential of flowering and fruiting plants and trees.


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